050-278 Dawson Precision Fiber Optic Front Sight 6.5 mm

All steel fiber optic front sight works with most “Tactical” or competition rear sights.   Measures 6.5mm’s total height (.260″).  .095″ wide so you get more light on both sides of the blade when using a .125″ wide rear notch.  Comes with spare red & green fiber optic rod and a nylon tipped aluminum punch.   Fully machined, but as with all replacement sights, a slight amount of fitting is required.

This is the front sight used in our EZ/D 9-40 complete sight set.


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TECH TIP:  Will not work with the stock height Tac Sport CZ rear sight.  Works with the Cajun Gun Works EZ/D rear and some aftermarket Tactical rear sights.  It is important you measure your existing sight and compare the dimensions on the 050-278 before you order.

050-278 only works with the 860-053 CGW Tactical Sport fully adjustable rear sight.  Does not work with the stock Tac Sport fixed rear sight.  Provides an improved sight picture since the fiber optic rod is recessed and the sight is deeply serrated.

We recommend filing on the bottom of the dovetail base only when fitting.  A medium or fine file works best.