75220 Double Action Roller for Omega

CGW precision DA roller is an important component delivering a reliable pistol with correct timing.  Ultra smooth pin bore and polished bearing surface help reduce the “gritty” feel.   Please note this roller only fits the P-01 and 75B Omega pistols.

NOTE:  This roller will not fit the P-07/09.



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Getting the right roller is critical for proper system timing and reliable operation.  The OEM roller OD size can vary from .212″ to .224″.  This roller typically works in all P-01 and 75B Omega psitols.

CGW recommends checking the CZ OEM roller with a dial caliper or micrometer.  If the CZ OEM roller measures .215″ – .222″, use the CGW .220″ roller.  If your roller measures over under or over .215″ – .222″, call for CGW tech support.