CZ Shadow 2 Optics-Ready

Upgrade Options

  1. CZ Shadow 2Optics-Ready without modifications- $1,520.00
  2. CZ Shadow 2Optics-Ready with partial upgrade (54460, TRPIN, RPTRS)- $ 1,620.00
  3. CZ Shadow 2 Optics-Ready Full Upgrade Kit- $1,935.00


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For CGW partial upgrade kit we take a great factory custom pistol and performs upgrades to make it even better.   Includes new CGW S-7 tool steel firing pin with matching 11.5# hammer spring installed.  Plus we upgrade to the CGW floating trigger pin and reduced power trigger return spring.

These effective modifications drop the factory DA pull weight from 8.5#’s down to 6#’s or less on average.  As will all CGW hard parts, the firing pin and floating trigger pin have our exclusive lifetime warranty.