CZ SP-01 – Manual Safety

Cajun Gun Works’ top-of-the-line SP-01 Manual Safety.  Hand-built into a precision firearm with a silky smooth action, crisp SA, and short, positive SA reset. Factory-installed fiber optic front sight, two dot rear sight and ergonomic rubber grips. Please allow 6 weeks for the custom build process.

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The ultimate in a powerful, smooth, crisp, short reset, hand polished and tuned pistol.

  • Race or Ring Hammer
  • ASB Adjustable Sear
  • SRS Short Reset System
  • Reach Reduction System
  • TRPIN Floating Trigger Pin
  • RPTRS Reduced Power Trigger Return Spring
  • 2 x HPIN
  • 12RS Red Recoil Spring
  • Professional polishing, assembly, and tuning