CZ P-07, P-09, & P-01 Hammer

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Our P series hammer, EDM machined from solid billet, precision ground then heat treated for unsurpassed quality and durability.  Eliminates the mushy, creepy single action pull, produces a superb SA trigger pull, and works with the stock system parts.   See “Description” for additional info.

Coated in super hard and durable Charcoal Black DLC for exceptional durability.



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Tutorial for P-07/09

When installing this hammer in the metal frame P-01 and 75B Omega, you must also order the 51823 heavy duty sear spring kit.  Why is this necessary? The harmonics that transfer through the frame during recoil travel into the sear pin and into the sear which can make the sear “bounce” or flutter.  This flutter can cause the sear to loose control of the hammer hook and leave the hammer at half-cock after a round is fired.  The 51823 corrects this and also allows you to tune your SA pull weight to your preference.

51824 is used for the metal framed 75B and P-01 Omega as well as the P-07 and P-09 Polymer pistols.