310-221 Dawson Precision Tritium Night Sights


Super duty, true tritium night sights, made from 4140 steel to withstand the rigors of concealed carry and tactical environments.  Uses the proven Cajun Gun Works “contrasting” sight design where the front insert is larger than the 2 rear inserts, making for an instinctive, intuitive sight acquisition.   These do double duty as superb daytime sights.   Fits CZ P-01, SP-01, 75B, 75BD, SP-01 compact (99021), 75B compact, 75 Omega metal frame full size and compacts.   Does not fit CZ RAMI, 97B-BD, P-07/09, 40B, 40P, or pre-B 75 series.


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The utmost in a true tritium night sight for the CZ.  Front sight is made from super-duty 4140 steel to withstand the rigors of a concealed carry use in extreme tactical environments.

The rear is also 4140 and is blended, rounded, and features a smooth radius to prevent snagging.  The “contrasting” front insert is larger than the rear making for an intuitive sight picture.

Front sight is 3 mm wide x 3 mm tall; the rear is 6 mm total installed height, 3.5 mm rear notch width with a 2.5 mm notch depth.  Fits the OEM CZ dovetails with no machining required.  As with all steel replacement sights, some very minor fitting is required to ensure a snug, reliable fit.