1488T5 Shadow 1 & 2 Disconnector

New Shadow 1 & 2 ultra-short reset disconnector.   Heat treated to exceed the need and pre-polished.  After extensive testing, we have engineered a new disco just for the Shadow 1 & 2.  This part will drop into most S-1/2’s and require no fitting, however, due to the timing variations from pistol to pistol, some very slight fitting may be needed on some S-1/2’s.

Reduces single action pre-travel as effectively as a hand fitted disco in the Shadow 1 & 2.  This new part will greatly ease the process of getting the S-1/2’s pre-travel down to the lowest possible level.

Unconditional lifetime warranty to the original purchaser




Benefits of the new Cajun Gun Works’ Shadow 2 disconnector:

  • Will drop about 80% of the time, 20% of the time fitting is required due to tolerance variations from CZ to CZ
  • Stops the trigger at the precise point of SA reset, resulting in stunning performance and ultra-short pre-travel
  • Pre-polished and heat treated to exceed the need, lifetime warranty even when used on high volume race guns, no makes a better disco than CGW; we have years of experience

TECH TIP:  We strongly recommend our “starter” punch, part number SP, to break the factory staking on the hammer pin.  If your CZ will not reset in single action when the slide is cycled with the new Cajun Gun Works disco, slight fitting will be required.  Contact Cajun Gun Works for tech support and we’ll get your CZ up and running in no time.