Cosmetic Milling

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Crosshatch Cut

Pratt Cut

Aarup Cut

Skeleton Cut with Straight Port on Top

Straight Port on Top and Sides

Transformer Cut


Crosshatch Cut$195
Pratt Cut$180
Aarup Cut$180
Skeleton Cut with Top Port$220
Straight Port on Top and Sides$250
Transformer Cut$180
Top Port$100
Skeleton Cut without Top Port$180
Angle Ports $150
Popple Holes- Slide$80
Popple Holes- Barrel$80

Slide Cuts Policy

Any cutting on any slide voids the original manufacturer’s warranty.   Any slide can develop cracks or fail over time in their as manufactured, unaltered state.  Therefore, CGW offers no warranty, either expressed or implied, for any millwork performed.  The customer assumes all risks associated with slide work.