Omega Series Complete Upgrade Spring Kit

Complete performance upgrade spring kit, reduces the double action pull dramatically. USA made from premium music wire.


From: $29.00

Extended Firing Pin

Made in the USA from premium S-7 tool steel and heat-treated to perfection. Extended length to ensure reliable ignition with reduced power hammer springs.

Extra Heavy Firing Pin Block Plunger Spring

Extra heavy firing pin block plunger spring, can increase the SA pull weight up to 14 ounces.

Does not affect the DA pull weight.


  • 1- HS-13, 13# Hammer Spring
  • 1- 61100 retaining pin
  • 1- 97041 Firing Pin Spring
  • 1- RPTRS Reduced Power Trigger Return Spring
  • 1- 72750 Lite Plunger Spring