CZ Shadow 2 – Black / Blue

Upgrade Options

  1. CZ Shadow 2 without modifications- $1,143.00
  2. CZ Shadow Full Upgrade Kit installed add $435.00
  3. CGW Standard Package $348.50 add a SAO trigger for an additional $42 to make it SAO Package.



New firearm purchases without milling or custom refinishing is available for a 8 week  turnaround. All milling and custom refinish will be the standard 8 weeks +/- turnaround.


**Credit card processing fee included in the price.**



In stock

When this firearm is in stock, give us a call at 318-738-1464 Option 2.
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CGW offers the new Shadow 2 in various stages to match your preference.

  • Stock out of the box with no upgrades
  • Double action upgrade that delivers an incredible butter smooth DA in the upper 5# range
  • Full upgrade (S-2 Pro-Package) that transforms an already very good pistol to a world class level with stellar performance
  • Our precision match barrel bushing can be added to any level/upgrade