Single Action Aluminum Trigger

Made in the USA from 6016 aluminum, black anodized, straight single-action only trigger with pre-and over-travel adjustment.

All Cajun Gun Works supplied triggers include a 1.5mm allen wrench for your convenience.

We also highly recommend our TR-PIN floating trigger pin and RP-TRS trigger return spring.

NOTE:  This is a conversion, which means it will delete the DA feature once installed.  For use in standard/classic lock work manual safety CZ’s only.  Not for use in any CZ decocker pistol, does not work in the Omega P-01/75B, or P-07/09. Installing this part in a firing pin block model (75B, 85B, 97B, RAMI B, SP-01, etc.) without the short reset system may result in a loss of the single action reset. We also recommend removing the disconnector when converting from double action.


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