Single Action Aluminum Trigger

Made in the USA from 6016 aluminum, black anodized, straight single-action only trigger with pre-and over-travel adjustment.

All Cajun Gun Works supplied triggers include a 1.5mm allen wrench for your convenience.

We also highly recommend our TRPIN floating trigger pin and RPTRS trigger return spring.

For these models Tac Sport, Tac Sport Orange, Czechmate, please see our 75006 for the correct trigger pin, you will not need to replace the trigger return spring.

NOTE:  This is a conversion, which means it will delete the DA feature once installed.  For use in standard/classic lock work manual safety CZ’s only.  Not for use in any CZ decocker pistol, does not work in the Omega P-01/75B, or P-07/09. Installing this part in a firing pin block model (75B, 85B, 97B, RAMI B, SP-01, etc.) without the short reset system may result in a loss of the single action reset. We also recommend removing the disconnector when converting from double action.



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