Shadow 2 SA

A professional, hand polished and hand built Cajun Shadow 2 SA built to deliver the ultimate in performance.   The default build is as a Double/Single action pistol.  Since the Shadow SA has been discontinued, the value of this model is sure to increase with time.   We can also build this as an ultra high performance SA platform for slightly less cost.

Price includes our popular CGW 7510X Precision Match barrel bushing.

Please allow 10 days for the build process if no machine work is needed.  Allow 8 weeks if there is any machine work added as an option (optic milling, cosmetic milling, etc.).


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We now offer our Cajun S-2 package for these fine pistols to elevate the performance to a professional-elite status.  The ultimate upgrade for the discriminating shooter:

  • Cajun Gun Works Race Hammer (with lifetime warranty) for USPSA Production
  • CGW’s famous TRPIN floating trigger pin made from S-7 tool steel (lifetime warranty)
  • CGW 1489T6 disconnector (lifetime warranty)
  • Reduced power music wire trigger return spring RPTRS
  • CGW’s famous 7510X precision match barrel bushing for the ultimate in accuracy (USPSA only)
  • Full ignition system upgrade – 11.5# hammer spring & extended FP with matching spring
  • Hand polished and professionally tuned to your preference
  • SA of 2.75 to 3.0 lbs, DA of 6 lbs or less
  • Includes your choice of our 75585 “old style” or 75665 Flat SA/ DA trigger with our famous Reach Reduction System