ML-17775 Meprolight Night Sights

The tritium inserts are in encapsulated in white ceramic “cups”, great for daytime and nighttime use.  Excellent for range and concealed carry use.  Fits all 75 series, full size, compacts, P-01, PCR, & 85B, as well as the 75B Omega.  Does not fit the RAMI, 85C, or 97B-BD.

Canik/TriStar – Corrects shooting low problem, raises the point of impact.


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Fits steel/alloy framed CZ’s, maintains the correct POA/POI.  No machining required, but the front sight DOES NOT have the underside retention groove cut for the #46 cross pin.  DO NOT use a drill bit to cut the front sight retention pin groove.  Call Cajun Gun Works for tech support on the correct way to install the front sight.