In-Shop CZ Shadow 2 Upgrade Kit

USPSA Production approved full In-Shop trigger package.  The CGW Reach reduction kit and precision match grade barrel bushing are included.  Delivers a crisp 3lb. single-action or less pull weight, and a velvet smooth double-action of 6lbs. or less.   Delivers a super short SA reset.

Please send CGW an e-mail requesting to be added to our work wait list.  Turn around is 6 weeks.  Plus return FedEx of $40.00.


In stock

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This upgrade package takes your Shadow to the highest level of performance, making your CZ world class.  The work to get your CZ through our shop includes:

  • Professional hand polishing of the internal lock work
  • Barrel ramp polishing
  • Firing pin breach hole beveled to ensure smoother feeding
  • Hand fitted CGW disconnector for an outstanding reset
  • CGW’s famous Reach Reduction System that moves the trigger rearward 5mm’s, placing the trigger in a natural position for a significantly improved first DA shot
  • All replacement CGW parts are hand fitted and hand tuned to ensure proper timing
  • CGW precision match grade barrel bushing locks up your barrel with -0- play.  Our precision barrel bushing does not compromise your front sight and allows the barrel to to be removed w/o removal of the bushing
  • All replacement springs are Made in the USA from premium music wire
  • Lifetime warranty on all CGW hard parts, even when used in competition

Includes all items in our Shadow 2 Upgrade Kit with Reach Reduction