In-Shop CZ 75 Series Pro-Package

Our Pro Package includes:

  • Cajun Gun Works Race or Ring Hammer
  • Super hard, heat treated to RC60 and friction fit hammer pins
  • CGW’s famous TR-PIN floating trigger pin made from S-7 tool steel (lifetime warranty)
  • CGW Reach Reduction Kit including our “hybrid” disconnector and modified “Old Style” 75585 Trigger
  • Reduced power music wire trigger return spring RP-TRS
  • Short Reset System
  • Hand polished and professionally tuned to your preference
  • Lifetime warranty on all CGW manufactured hard parts to the original purchaser

Covers virtually every modern CZ decocker and manual safety model: SP-01, P-01, P-06, PCR, RAMI, 97, 85C/B, 75C/B/BD, 40B & P, etc.

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We are asked often what’s the difference between the Standard (formerly call the Defensive Carry Package) and the Pro-Package?

The answer is we simply install our Reach Reduction Kit Type-2 (RRK-T2), along with the exact same parts we use in the Standard Package.  This elevates the CZ trigger “system” to a world-class level and is a CGW exclusive.  Pro-Package pistols are the ultimate for self-defense use, home protection, range shooting, and can even be used in the USPSA Production class for the weekend warrior.    The Pro-Package does not produce a dangerous trigger pull or make your CZ ammo sensitive, it does just the opposite and delivers a safe, responsible single action pull along with an amazingly smooth and accurate double action pull.  Reliability, durability, and performance are our main goals.  Here is the addition of the RRK-T2 does to the trigger system:

  • Moves the at-rest position of the trigger rearward an amazing 5 mm’s (nearly 1/4″)
  • Limits the single action pre-travel to less than 4 mm’s total
  • Stops the trigger the moment of single action reset
  • Reduces the double action lock time 15%, so the DA happens quicker/sooner
  • Includes a single action over-travel screw to eliminate excess trigger movement, which improves accuracy
  • Includes a new USA made stainless steel ultra-comfortable trigger (our 75585), completely eliminating “trigger bite”

You get all these additional features for only $88.00 extra when compared to the price of the Standard Package.

The Pro-Package is for experienced or novice shooters that are looking for the ultimate CZ upgrade.  We have Pro-Package CZs’s being used by various Law Enforcement Agencies for on-duty carry and Military personnel deployed overseas that can carry their own personal sidearm.   Plus many thousands of CZ owners that depend on our Pro-Package to protect the most important thing, their families.