In-Shop CZ 75 Series Pro-Package


Our Pro Package includes:

  • Cajun Gun Works Race or Ring Hammer
  • Super hard, heat treated to RC60 and friction fit hammer pins
  • CGW’s famous TR-PIN floating trigger pin made from S-7 tool steel (lifetime warranty)
  • CGW Reach Reduction Kit including our “hybrid” disconnector and modified “Old Style” 75585 Trigger
  • Reduced power music wire trigger return spring RP-TRS
  • Short Reset System
  • Hand polished and professionally tuned to your preference
  • Lifetime warranty on all CGW manufactured hard parts to the original purchaser

Covers virtually every modern CZ decocker and manual safety model: SP-01, P-01, P-06, PCR, RAMI, 97, 85C/B, 75C/B/BD, 40B & P, etc.  The price does not include insured return FedEx, estimated shipping is $40.00.


Please contact us to purchase this product.
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Send CGW an e-mail request to initiate the installation of the Pro-Package for your CZ.   We are currently having to schedule in our work, which keeps us on time with our projected delivery dates.

We are asked often what’s the difference between the Defensive Carry Package (DCP) and the Pro-Package?

The answer is we simply install our famous Reach Reduction Kit Type-2 (RRK-T2), along with the exact same parts we use in the DCP.  This elevates the CZ trigger “system” to a world class level and is a CGW exclusive.  Pro-Package pistols are the ultimate for self defense use, home protection, range shooting, and can even be used in the USPSA Production class for the weekend warrior.    The Pro-Package does not produce a dangerous trigger pull or make your CZ ammo sensitive, it does just the opposite and delivers a safe, responsible single action pull along with an amazingly smooth and accurate double action pull.  Reliability, durability and performance are our main goals.  Here is what the Pro-Package does to the trigger system:

  • Moves the at rest position of the trigger rearward an amazing 5 mm’s (nearly 1/4″)
  • Limits the single action pre-travel to only 4 mm’s total
  • Stops the trigger the moment of single action reset
  • Reduces the double action lock time 15%, so the DA happens quicker/sooner
  • Includes a single action over-travel screw to eliminate excess trigger movement, which improves accuracy
  • Includes a new USA made stainless steel ultra comfortable trigger (our 75585), completely eliminating “trigger bite”

You get all these additional features for only $88.00 extra when compared to the price of the DCP.  $88.00 is simply the price of our RRK-T2 straight from our website.

The Pro-Package is for shooters that are looking for the ultimate CZ upgrade.  We have Pro-Package CZs’s being used by various Law Enforcement Agencies for approved on-duty carry and Military personnel deployed overseas that can carry their own personal side arm.   Plus many thousands of CZ owners that depend our Pro-Package to protect the most important thing:  their families.

*Price does not include FedEx Shipping, estimated shipping will cost $40.00*