CZ P-09 OD Green

Upgrade Options


  1. CZ P-09 OD Green without modifications- $550.00
  2. CZ P-09 OD Green with Full Pro-Grade Package- $967.00


We build these one at a time.  Single-action trigger pulls can be set from 3lbs 3ozs to 3 lbs 15oz.  Double actions from 7lbs 6 ozs to 8 lbs 10 oz.  These are built using a new in box, CZ P-09 OD Green, 9mm.   We require a 50% deposit. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the custom build process.


In stock

When this firearm is in stock, give us a call at 318-738-1464 Option 2.
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  • 91000 Hammer
  • 51822 Sear Spring
  • 92030 Short Reset
  • Hammer Spring
  • 97058 Roller
  • 97585 Trigger
  • RPTRS Trigger Return Spring
  • Professional polishing, assembly, and tuning