CZ 97 B/BD Picatinney Frame Rail with Machine Work


CGW uses the excellent Novak Picatinney Rail and precision machines it for the 97B/BD.  The Novak is superior since it uses 3 heat treated fine threaded retaining screws (most other mounts only use 2 screws) and looks factory.  Plus $40.00 return FedEx.


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Did you know?  The best method for installing a picatinney rail is with a milling machine equipped with a precision Digital Read Out (DRO).  With a DRO, CGW can map the rail mounting hole centers to absolute zero.  We also use a precision level to ensure the rail is perfectly level and centered to the dust cover.  Lastly, we Loctite the retaining screws so you never have to worry about the rail coming loose.  We sweat the details so you don’t have to worry!

Please send CGW an e-mail requesting our paperwork since the frame must be shipped.