860-053 Tactical Sport Fully Adjustable Rear Sight

The Tactical Sport slide is already machined to accept this super high quality fully adjustable all steel Kensight.  The matching front fiber optic sight is our part number 050-278.


Only 10 left in stock


TECH TIP:  If fitting sights is something you have not done often, we suggest filing on the wide bottom of the dovetail on both the front and the rear sight, only.   DO NOT file on the short dovetail sides unless you are experienced in sight fitting.

REMOVAL:  The rear sight can be difficult to remove.  Our shop method is to install the slide in a good vise and use 2 leather strips (an old belt works great) as a cushion.  We use a large brass drift/punch/rod with an equally large hammer.  Makes no difference which way you drive the sight.