75900 Defensive Carry Package for a Phantom

Our newest Defensive Carry upgrade kit for the Phantom.  Delivers world class performance and enhanced durability.  All Cajun Gun Works products drop in and deliver safe, responsible trigger pulls suitable for home defense, range use, carry, and weekend competition.  Individual parts cannot be returned for a refund.


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Decocker Hammer

CGW's famous decocker race hammer.  Starts as a solid carbon steel billet blank, then it is Electron Discharge Machined and finish ground to perfection.  Coated in a Charcoal Black DLC and heat treated to RC53.  Produces, on average, a 3.6 - 3.12 pound single action pull and fits all 75 series CZ decockers, 75BD, P-01, PCR, CZ-97BD, RAMI BD, etc.

Carries the CGW exclusive lifetime warranty.


Our proven Defensive Carry Package upgrade kit just for the Phantom.

NOTE:  Some earlier Phantoms use a different diameter trigger pivot pin (pin in the frame that holds the trigger in place) of 2mm’s.  All newer Phantoms (manufactured in 2016 and up) use a larger trigger pivot pin diameter of 2.5mm’s.

Please check your Phantom before ordering to ensure the trigger pivot pin in our kit is compatible.  You cannot use the incorrect trigger pin diameter, this is a critical part.  If you have questions or need tech support, please call us.

  • 80002 decocker race hammer
  • SRS-1 short reset kit
  • 30600, 2.5mm trigger pin
  • RP-TRS reduced power trigger return spring
  • 2 x HPIN