In-Shop CZ P-07/P-09 Pro-Grade Package


CGW’s famous Pro-Grade Package performed in our shop.  We completely disassemble your CZ and inspect, hand polish, assemble, and fine tune your CZ.   For the 9mm & 40 S&W P-07/09 including the P-07 Duty and P-01 and 75B Omega models. Price does not include insured FedEx shipping, estimated price is $40.00.


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Send CGW an e-mail request and we’ll attach the paperwork in an e-mail response so you can ship us your CZ.   We don’t post our paperwork on our website since we have to screen what customers send or we would receive pellet guns, shotguns, WWII era guns, etc.   CGW uses USA Made precision parts, music wire springs, and heat treated pins; very few OEM parts are retained.   We install our hammer, Short Reset System (SRS), determine the correct CGW precision DA roller, and top it off with a CZ trigger modified with a single-action over-travel stop.  We tailor the trigger pull for the application, from nearly 4 lbs for self-defense use, down to 3 lbs for range and competition use.  Expect 100% reliable ignition, even with DA pulls of 8 – 9 lbs.

OEM parts are rough, many times display deep tool marks, and simply do not tighten internal clearances sufficiently to deliver a crisp, smooth, “ball-bearing” like action.   CGW hard parts carry a lifetime warranty.

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