In-Shop CZ 75 Series Defensive Carry Package


CGW’s famous Defensive Carry Package performed in our shop.  We completely disassemble your CZ and inspect, hand polish, assemble, and fine tune your CZ.   You have a choice of CGW Race or Ring Hammer, Stainless-Steel Race or Ring Hammer, Custom cut Shadow hammer, or the CZC competition hammer.   Covers virtually every modern CZ decocker and manual safety model,  SP-01, P-01, P-06, PCR, RAMI, 97, 85C/B, 75C/B/BD, 40B & P, etc.  The price does not include insured return FedEx, estimated shipping cost is $40.00.


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Send CGW an e-mail request and we’ll attach the paperwork in an e-mail response so you can ship us your CZ.   We don’t post our paperwork on our website since we have to screen what customers send or we would receive pellet guns, shotguns, WWII era guns, etc.

CGW will fully disassemble your CZ and inspect.  Next step is to mirror polish the internal parts, install our hammer kit, Short Reset System (SRS), all new heat treated pins and music wire springs (excluding recoil spring), extended S-7 tool steel firing pin and our tempered spring steel FP retaining pin.  We tailor the trigger pull for the application, from nearly 4 lbs for self-defense use, down to 2.5 lbs for range and competition use.  The SA break will be superb, crisp, clean; 1911 like.  The DA will be super smooth and fluid, so good you can call your shots in DA; SA is like cheating.  This package delivers 100% reliable ignition, even with DA pulls in the 7 – 8 lb. range.

CGW hard parts carry a lifetime warranty.

*Price does not include FedEx Shipping, estimated shipping cost is $40.00*

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