50 Extractor for 75


CZ OEM Extractor, fits all 75 full size, compacts, Shadow, 85B & 85C, P-01, PCR, 40B, 75B-Omega, RAMI, etc.  Does not fit the CZ-97B-BD or P-07 P-09.


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TECH TIP:  We recommend a new extractor pin (#51) and a new extractor spring (#52) when replacing the extractor.  NEVER drop a round in the chamber and close the slide – this will almost always cause the extractor to be damaged or break.

DID YOU KNOW?:  You should not oil the extractor/extractor pin pivot area.  Extractors are heat treated and only move about .015″ during operation, which is hardly at all.  Oiling the extractor will attract powder residue, dirt, grime, etc. that will build up under the extractor and can eventually lead to extraction issues.