39150 Canik Trigger with Over Travel

The excellent 85C trigger modified for the 2.5 mm diameter Canik trigger pin (See Caution Note in the description before ordering).  Includes SA over-travel screw with wrench.  Now you can have a much better “drop-in” trigger, adjustable for single action over-travel.



CAUTION NOTE:  Some Canik’s use a 2.5 mm trigger pin diameter.  The 39150 is made to fit this diameter trigger pin only.

However, some Canik’s are imported with a 2 mm trigger pin diameter.   If your Canik uses the 2 mm trigger pin, order either the CGW 85C trigger or the 75585 (most popular) trigger instead.  The CGW 85C and 75585 utilize a 2 mm trigger pin diameter.