Fully Adjustable Rear Sight

Novak cut fully adjustable rear sight CGW precision machines low profile into your slide.  Includes all machine work, new fully adjustable rear sight with final fitting for $190.00.  The sight is a rugged LPA, fully adjustable target/tactical style sight.

Matching 5.5 mm tall F/O front sight is an additional $39.00 and is not included.

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Since this is a Novak sight cut, you have the most options possible for the rear sight.  If you ever decide you want a different sight, you can choose from any Novak sight on the market, greatly expanding your selection for a rear sight.  This sight cuts in beautifully and looks factory.  T

A superb custom upgrade at a reasonable price.

Please note:  the correct F/O front sight is not included.  Cost is $39.00 for a F/O sight and $55.00 for a tritium, in addition to the $190.00 for slide milling and and the rear sight.