Fully Adjustable Rear Sight


Novak cut fully adjustable rear sight CGW precision machines into your slide.  Includes all machine work and the sight with final fitting for $190.00, plus $8.00 USPS.  Please email CGW for proper paperwork. Send CGW your slide in a USPS flat rate priority box, see our address on our home page.  CGW will contact you for payment or you can include a check or money order.  Our favorite machined in fully adjustable sight.  Allow 4 weeks turn around.


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Since this is a Novak cut sight, you have literally hundreds of sight options available.  If you ever decide you want a different sight, you can choose from any Novak sight on the market, greatly expanding your selection for a rear sight.  This sight cuts in beautifully and looks factory.  The sight profile is very low, but the serrated target rear blade is still competition sized.

A superb custom upgrade at a reasonable price.

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Weight 0.048 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 1.5 × .75 in