10410 Silver Compact Thin Alum Grips


CGW’s unique, recoil reducing thin alum grips.  Made to exacting tolerances, anodized for a durable finish.  Includes screws.  Fits CZ metal framed compacts, P-01, PCR, 75B Compact, 99021 (SP-01 compact), etc.


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These grips are so precisely cut they may require a light “tap” on the back side to seat them properly into the frame.  The concave flat head screw ensures they will properly seat into the frames corresponding dovetail slot for a super tight fit.

The unique deep ball cuts for the finger grip area actually helps resist the inertia of muzzle rise.   Positively locks in your finger grip,  plus the rear vertical grooves positively lock in your palm grip position.   There is no tape to wear away or come off.

We recommend you degrease the frame threads, degrease the grip screw threads and apply a small drop of “blue” Loctite.

Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 1 in