04200 SP-01 Threaded Barrel


CZ OEM 1/2×28 threaded SP-01 barrel in 9mm.  Only fits SP-01 manual safety, decocker, and Shadow.  NOTE:  Will not fit full size CZ-75B or compacts.  MUST be fitted.


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PLEASE NOTE:  The newest SP-01 threaded barrels from the factory are black oxide in color.

FITTING:  How do you fit these barrels?  You must have a good quality “V-block” set and a fine “pillar” file to properly fit these barrels.  You remove material from the rear of the breech face until the barrel will lock fully into the upper lugs.  Ideally the barrel will stay in the “up” position until you lightly touch the top of the barrel hood, at which point the barrel will release.   An alternate method is to use a milling machine with the proper set-up.