019-425 Dawson Precision Tritium Front Sight for CZ P-10 C

Dawson Precision Tritium front night sight featuring a larger front Tritium insert surrounded by a bright white ceramic cup for outstanding day time sighting. CGW believes a night sight should actually work better in the day time, and this front sight does exactly that. This front sight visual cue is much more pronounced compared to the matching 018-590 rear, which features smaller lamps in a non-reflected matte brass ring. So this front sight dominates your vision, making for instant, intuitive sighting in the day. The larger front lamp also makes for a striking nighttime contrast. NOTE: This is the front sight only.

For the matching Tritium rear sight, see part number 018-590

If you want to mix this 019-425 with a different rear sight, then order:

018-588 – Plain serrated black rear sight only

018-589 – Fiber optic rear sight only


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Dawson Precision brings you the best “day time” night sight on the market for the CZ P-10 C.  Larger front lamp is surrounded by a white ceramic cup, making this sight dominate your vision.  This makes for an instant, intuitive sight picture by the shooter.  If you are over 40, this will work better than any other front Tritium sight.

As with all steel replacement sights, very minor fitting is needed for a snug, trouble-free fit.  Need your sights installed?  CGW can install your front and rear sights in 2 weeks for a flat $30.00 plus $8.00 return USPS.  Please e-mail us for details at:   cajungunworks@gmail.com

Dimensions:  Blade width .125″, blade height .155″, total height .230″