CZ 97 B – Manual Safety

Cajun Gun Works’ top-of-the-line CZ 97B with manual safety.  Built to run with high end 1911’s that cost 2-3 times more.  Hand-built into a precision firearm capable of match-grade accuracy.  Features the new style barrel feed ramp, thin factory aluminum grips, and fiber optic front sight.  Single actions can be set from 2lbs 12ozs to 3lbs 12ozs, double action can be set from 7lbs 12ozs to 6lbs 6ozs.  A 50% deposit is required. Please allow 6 weeks for the custom build process.



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  • Race or Ring Hammer
  • SRS Short Reset System
  • Reach Reduction System
  • 1911-97 Barrel Bushing Accurizing
  • TR-PIN Floating Trigger Pin
  • RP-TRS Reduced Power Trigger Return Spring
  • 2 x HPIN
  • Professional polishing, assembly, and tuning