Law Enforcement/Military

Cajun Gun Works is proud to participate in CZ-USA’s Law Enforcement/Military Discount Program which offers many popular CZ weapons at significant discounts to eligible customers.  We do not discount our parts or services. Eligible customers are:

  • Military: Active, Reserve, NG, Retired, Medically Retired, and Disabled Veterans(must be 100% – letter submitted as proof)
  • Law Enforcement: Federal, State, and Local Active or Retired Sworn Officers, judges, DA’s and prosecutors
  • First Responders with current credentials or official documentation (including Armed Security Contractors)
  • Please note that DOD/DOS/DOJ Civilian ID’s are not considered qualification unless you are a first responder.

Either of the following employment verifications must be submitted to Cajun Gun Works:

  • Copy of agency ID when permitted
  • Letter from supervisor on agency letterhead stating that purchaser is a member of agency

You MUST qualify as one of the above to purchase these firearms. In accordance with our manufacturer agreements, we are only permitted to sell LE/MIL program firearms to eligible individuals.

Cajun Gun Works will also need your full name, physical home address, phone number, and a copy of the FFL’s license you wish to use for transfer.

As of June 11, 2021, the following firearms are in stock. Prices listed are STOCK:   

CZ 91620 P-09, 9mm, 19rd x 2, black polymer frame, nitride slide, fixed sights, 3 back straps, swappable safety/decocker – $420.84 stock

CZ 95152 P-10-F Optic Ready, 9mm, 19rd x 3, black polymer frame, black nitride slide, night sights front & rear – $490.47 stock 

CZ 91194 75D PCR Compact, 9mm, 15rd x 2, black polycoat aluminum, fixed snag free sights, decocker, blk rubber grips – $528.33 stock 

As our way of giving thanks for service, Cajun Gun Works discounts shipping of LE firearms at $30.00 for 2-day FedEx. Alaska, Hawaii, and California are exceptions.

For more information regarding the LE/MIL program please contact us at (318) 738-1660.