Cajun Gun Works started as a “hobby”.   David Milam purchased a “cheap” used CZ 75B and shot this pistol better than any out of the box 9 mm he  had ever tried (and he had owned and fired just about everything)!   Driven by a passion to improve things, David dove into the lock work and learned the CZ system, he then began making his own CZ parts in his machine shop.   He posted his results on the Original CZ Forum and he began to get private messages – “can you make me one of those?”  And so it began.

Within 3 years of prototyping parts and developing new products, David took the leap of faith and began taking in customers guns for custom work and the business grew quickly.  Our passion is precision, innovation, and customer service.

CGW is a true family business, with 7 employees currently (6 Full-Time and 1 Part-Time). We believe that every customer is important and without customers we would not exist. Each gun in our shop is done one at a time, hand polished and tuned. We pride ourselves on treating each customer like family and our job is not to “sale” it is to help each customer make their CZ perfect for them.

There are numerous ways to contact us and please don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions you have.

318-372-9050 David

318-614-7003 Scott

318-237-4410 Shipping/ Order Inquiry